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January/February Issue

Ezekiel 18 • Ezekiel 44
Things Written for our Admonition
Digging Through the Wall • Six Lambs

A publication of the Pastoral Bible Institute
devoted to an in-depth study of the Bible
as the inspired word of God. Each bi-monthly
issue is devoted to a single Biblical theme.

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Bible Student History Issue

• The Reformation and Martin Luther
• The Midnight Cry  
• Heroes of our Faith   
• A New Wine Bottle
• The Harvest Movement  
• Troubled Years 
• Regathering
• His Pulpit Was the  World
• A Delightful Inheritance

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Hard-cover, 468-page biography of Pastor Russell detailing his ministry and the controversies that surrounded it.
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The Herald of Christ's Kingdom is the official publication of the Pastoral Bible Institute. Published since 1918, this journal stands for a belief in:

• The inspiration of the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
• God, the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ, who act through the power of the Holy Spirit
• The Genesis account of Creation in six epochs of time. The creation of Adam as the first man, a perfect moral human being, who became a living soul.
• The redemption of all mankind through the blood of Christ.
• The call of the church to receive immortal life in heaven.
• The resurrection of the dead and the kingdom of Christ to be established on earth with an opportunity for all mankind to live forever.

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